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'Blood moon' to appear for 21st Century's longest lunar eclipse

31 July 2018
'Blood moon' to appear for 21st Century's longest lunar eclipse

NASA said the reason the eclipse lasted more than one hour and 40 minutes was because the moon went "directly through the center of the Earth's shadow".

Several BBC readers got in touch to share what they could see - including David Greer in Dubai (below), and Emad Karim in Cairo, Egypt (second and third below).

You won't be able to see the longest total lunar eclipse of the century on Friday. It should not be considered an invitation to satanic sex rituals of humans or horses.

This eclipse will be visible from Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, much of Asia and Australia. Therefore, NASA, the Weather Channel,, Slooh, and others will broadcast live online footage of the astronomical event. "This does not herald the apocalypse: seeing a lunar eclipse and Mars in the sky is something people should enjoy rather than worry about mediaeval superstitions".

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In the United Kingdom, where the weather allowed, the Moon could be seen to turn red - fully eclipsed by Earth - from when it rose at 9 till 10.15 pm. The webcast should kick off at 2:30 p.m. EDT (18:30 UT).

For about half the world, the "blood moon" will be partly or fully in Earth's shadow from 1:14 7:28 p.m. ET.

Video stream of blood moon live - the longest lunar eclipse anyone will witness until the 22nd Century.

The astronomers and sky gazers in the GCC and across the globe watched the celestial spectacle, where the moon gots eclipsed by the earth's shadow.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow moves across the Moon, blocking out light from the sun. Basically, this particular blood moon is not the one for you if you're an American who will be in America on Friday.

The time of greatest eclipse will be 2021 GMT on July 27.

But, while there was a spectacular sunrise, the eclipsed moon disappeared behind low cloud at the crucial moment in Christchurch.