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Fortnite Invites You To A Private Playground

04 July 2018
Fortnite Invites You To A Private Playground

For those unaware, this isn't the first instance of Epic Games injecting new content into Fortnite as a way to both observe a holiday and offer up new cosmetic materials for players to get their hands on. Epic Games attempted to bring the mode back online, but "matchmaking" issues appeared to be preventing the developer and publisher from releasing it once again.

"We'll provide another update once we have more information".

Attempt to choose "Don't fill" on Playground mode right now, though, and there's a good chance you won't be able to select it.

The track is very similar to the ones that would normally be found in a Mario Kart game, except instead of cars, they used Shopping Carts, and instead of Mario characters, they used classic Fortnite skins.

The Epic Games statement reads: "The long and short of it is that we were successful in spinning off Playgrounds to its own Matchmaking cluster, so we've isolated any potential impacts from the primary game modes".

In case you hadn't noticed, Fortnite is doing pretty well for itself, but that's no reason not to try and innovate to stay ahead.

The limited time mode is essentially a practice arena that allows players to practice shooting and building to their heart's desire. Let us know with a comment below.

If everything goes well, players in the United Kingdom may wake up to Fortnite Playground Mode servers being back online for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Mobile. Give a Smasher a whiff of the Stink Bomb, available now in Save the World.