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Hero or villain? Trump's court pick is in for a fight

11 July 2018
Hero or villain? Trump's court pick is in for a fight

Before he was nominated to the D.C. circuit by George W. Bush, he was the former president's staff secretary and worked for Bush during the 2000 Florida vote recount.

Given Kavanaugh's conservative bent, many Democrats are up in arms about the future of Obamacare should the judge be confirmed.

But at least a half-dozen other Democrats, in addition to Schumer, immediately announced their opposition to Kavanaugh - including several senators considered likely to seek the party's 2020 presidential nomination.

Kyl, a former member of Republican leadership, served on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey spoke with 7News about Kavanaugh and said that "he will become a rubber stamp for a conservative, right-wing agenda". "Thanks to decades of high-level experience and close observation, Kavanaugh also understands the intricacies of the executive and legislative branches". Indeed, Vox points out, CNN's Jim Acosta reported that the Trump team reviewed these comments by Kavanaugh before choosing him.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., dismissed Democratic and liberal concerns over the president's nominee as hyperbole that will not persuade the American people.

As a brutal confirmation battle over Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement begins, Schumer said Kavanaugh should expect to face tough questions over his past writings that argue a sitting presidents should be exempt from lawsuits and criminal investigations.

While conservatives debated the semantics of Kavanaugh's decision, Democrats and liberal activists were overwhelmingly alarmed by the nomination.

By contrast, Senate Republicans were in the majority in 2016, when McConnell and his GOP colleagues blocked President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, for more than nine months, following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Donald Trump's nomination came from a short list of federal appeals court judges, who all staunch conservative credentials. "Substantively, a debate continues to bubble about whether a Supreme Court nominee's judicial philosophy is a fair basis for inquiry by the Senate (and for voting against a nomination), or whether the confirmation process should focus only on whether a nominee meets objective criteria pertaining to qualifications, temperament, ethical propriety, and the like", he wrote.

President Donald Trump speaks while nominating Brett Kavanaugh, as Kavanaugh's wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, and daughters Margaret and Liza look on during a ceremony in the White House in Washington, July 9, 2018. The messaging initially centered on the future of abortion rights in the USA under a court with Kavanaugh on it.

The poll shows that Democrats in three states - Sen.

This issue may not get as much buzz as abortion or health care, but it's probably the one that's directly relevant to Trump. But they're good faith arguments that may help Democrats win back the Congress in November. The Judicial Crisis Network, which describes itself as "dedicated to strengthening liberty and justice" and is committed to "limited government", has already purchased a $1.4 million ad campaign on national cable and digital TV, and on stations in Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia, featuring an introductory bio spot about the nominee.

After endorsing Trump choice Neil Gorsuch past year, Cashman is at it again, this time backing Brett Kavanaugh.

Kyl retired from the Senate seat now occupied by Jeff Flake in 2013 and has been working for Washington-based lobbying firm Covington & Burling.

Trump announced his choice with a prime-time address from the White House East Room. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

Judge Kavanaugh graduated from Yale College in 1987, and from Yale Law School in 1990, where he was a Notes Editor of the Yale Law Journal.

Ms Collins has said she will not vote for any candidate who threatens abortion rights.