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IHOb is dead and we're back to IHOP again

10 July 2018
IHOb is dead and we're back to IHOP again

Last month, IHOP caused quite the furor when it "announced" it was changing its name to IHOb, which stood for International House of Burgers. Today, it was back on social media, this time to promote a pancake deal tied to IHOP's 60th birthday.

"We knew we had a very tough job to do to convince people that we take our burgers as seriously as we take our pancakes", said Stephanie Peterson, IHOP's executive director of communications.

IHOP announced on Facebook that its name change was a hoax to promote new burgers, according to KATU-2. It's to celebrate the restaurant chain's 60th birthday. "So, we went bold with the campaign".

The name change lit up social media.

The restaurant group also updated its website to remove the temporary IHOb logo and replace it with the usual IHOP version. At the time, a branding expert told FOX Business that the name change was the "dumbest decision ever made in the world of branding". "They're still there. They're on the cover of the menu", Rebelez said.

IHOP is giving away its iconic short stacks for a few cents on July 17.

Or maybe we were just gullible.

In June, IHOP changed its name to IHOb to promote its burger line.