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Netflix is Rolling Out a New ‘Smart Downloads’ Feature Today

11 July 2018
Netflix is Rolling Out a New ‘Smart Downloads’ Feature Today

"Downloading is a very manual process today", Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson told BuzzFeed News.

Netflix was reluctant to add offline download support to their mobile application. The feature only turns on when you're connected to Wi-Fi to prevent cellular data usage charges.

As Netflix tells it in their handy video explainer, this takes away the need to keep in mind to download new episodes and delete the old ones. Now, the streaming service has announced a new feature that makes downloading episodes a lot smarter.

Smart Downloads are available on Android devices and tablets as of today, July 10th, with Apple devices to follow some time later, so enjoy this interval where all your Android friends who love Netflix lord it over you.

A download status bar will appear on the screen when a new episode is downloading, and users will be notified when the download is complete.

However, it's first available only on Android devices. The company provides a brief guide on the smart downloads feature and how to use it here. Johnson said Netflix has a high degree of confidence that if you download and watch one episode of a TV show, you'll probably want another. "And you have to manually go back and delete episodes".

The ability to download movies and TV shows straight from Netflix mobile app is a very handy feature. It also only works with TV series - so it doesn't apply to movies, TV specials, or any other content. This means it can automatically download the first episode of the next season once users have finished watching the season finale.