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Recently-crowned World's Ugliest Dog dies

12 July 2018
Recently-crowned World's Ugliest Dog dies

The first five years of Zsa Zsa's life saw her languishing on a puppy farm in Missouri before being bought by a dog rescue group at auction and eventually adopted by Brainards.

The canine won the hearts of people with her slobbery tongue, squished-in face and sparkly pink collar. Despite her dog's appearance, Brainard proudly boasted, "She is so attractive in my eyes".

"She's been staying over at my dad's house".

She was known for her underbite and muscular, rounded front legs.

Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, Zsa Zsa's owner, called the dog's death "devastating", as reported by Today, July 11.

"Her mother saw her handsome picture on pet finder and HAD TO HAVE HER!" The pooch looked in great spirits while getting her teeth brushed in a video posted on Sunday, July 9. "We were all saying our goodbyes".

"I picked Zsa Zsa up and took her outside and laid her down in the grass", says Brainard.

Ms Brainard said children used to sometimes shake that tongue as if giving a handshake to a paw.

JOSH EDELSON via Getty Images Zsa Zsa was crowned World's Ugliest Dog last month in a competition meant to raise awareness about rescue pets.

The contest sounds more negative than it is - its goal is to raise awareness of pet adoption and to show that all dogs are lovely in their own way, and worthy of love.