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Samsung Galaxy S10 to get a triple camera setup

08 July 2018
Samsung Galaxy S10 to get a triple camera setup

"Strong promotions ("How to shoot on iPhone") running up to the football (soccer) World Cup helped the tech giant to trigger buyer interest in Europe and other markets. iPhone 8 sales were steady in the U.S. postpaid channels".

Many analysts expect that the Galaxy S9's poor sales have contributed heavily to this decline, and they're expecting it to be the worst selling Samsung flagship since the Galaxy S3.

"It's a bit disappointing", Ko Gyeong-beom at Yuanta Securities Korea told AFP, noting the company had posted expectation-beating operating profits for several quarters.

Revenue likely came in at 58 trillion won ($51 billion), a decrease of almost 5 percent from a year earlier.

Samsung hasn't commented, but back in April warned that its mobile business would see "stagnant sales of flagship models amid weak demand and an increase in marketing expenses" in the second quarter. A month earlier, the iPhone X had held a huge lead.

Samsung kept on registering record operating profits, quarter after quarter for seven straight quarters until Q2 2018 finally arrived, putting a stop to the tech juggernaut's progress once and for all. Earlier reports claimed that it's the other way around and the S10 would be launched earlier than its predecessor. These OELD displays are said to be 7.3-inch wide while unfolded and 4.5-inch in folded state. The device will enter mass production later this year ahead of its unveiling in the first month of 2019. We've heard that Samsung plans to switch from Tizen to Wear OS for its next smartwatch. However, it didn't reveal any detail about its anticipated foldable handset.