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Samsung phones are randomly sending photos to contacts

03 July 2018
Samsung phones are randomly sending photos to contacts

Going by the reports, the bug appears to be originating from Samsung Messages, the Samsung Galaxy line's default messaging app, that causes it to send photos or even the entire gallery to a user's contacts via SMS. It only became apparent after the recipient alerted them. The problem was first reported by Gizmodo, and users have pointed out how their Samsung phone sent all photos from the phone's gallery to other users. One Reddit user said that at about 2:30 am last night, his entire photo gallery was sent to his girlfriend.

The complaints have gained some traction on Reddit, in sections dedicated exclusively to Samsung phones.

Samsung is now urging concerned customers to call its support lines directly. How many people received private photos, without alerting the owner, is unknown.

In all cases, it appears the photos were sent to people on the phone owners' contacts list. "However, there was record of it on mobile logs", one Redditor posted less than a week ago.

As a workaround, concerned Galaxy users can head over to settings and disable the Samsung Messages app's access to device storage.

That's because posters to Reddit and the Samsung forums say Samsung Messages is malfunctioning. This message doesn't show up on their end, but the other person's phone shows the message as if it was sent manually.

So far, some of the affected users have pointed fingers to a recent T-Mobile update that including advanced texting features, like read receipts and an indicator that shows when the contact you're messaging is typing.

Samsung commented to Business Insider, saying: "We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it". According to the The Verge, Samsung is asking users to call the company's helpline if they are facing the problem.