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Syrian troops celebrate recapture of border crossing

09 July 2018
Syrian troops celebrate recapture of border crossing

Worldwide relief agency CARE said told The Associated Press on Sunday that thousands of displaced Syrians have moved from areas close to the Jordanian border back to towns and villages that recently signed Russian-brokered reconciliation agreements with the Syrian government.

Ibrahim al-Jabawi said the two sides were expected to hold talks this evening in the southern town of Bosra. It can not ignore Israel's security concerns and Moscow's attempts to relink Israel's security to the presence of Syrian regime forces on the border. The rebels will disarm, but in a series of stages.

A big street sign written before the war reads "Welcome to the Syrian Arab Republic".

Jordan has been an important mediator with regard to Syrian rebels and the Russian government.

Jordanian residents of Jabir village watch aid deliveries to Syrians fleeing the government offensive in the south as smoke from unknown fire rises.

Civil-defense sources in Daraa have told Anadolu Agency that the number displaced Syrians fleeing the area had surpassed 350,000.

Daraa was the birthplace of the Syrian war, from which the crisis spread nationwide.

Jordan on Friday denied reports that Syrian warplanes had violated its airspace, according to a statement released by the Jordanian military.

"The entire borderline with Jordan has been secured completely from Nasib in the southeast of Daraa to the desert region of the nearby Sweida province", he said.

Xinhua reporters at the scene heard two explosions that rocked the vicinity, which reportedly could be the explosions of mines.

Rebels who refused to come back under Assad's rule would leave for the insurgent stronghold in north-west, they said.

The rebels accused Washington of betraying the opposition fighters after global community bowed to Russian pressure.

"Lieberman gave the green light to Al-Assad to attack Deraa" in southern Syria, Al-Walie said.

Nassib is a strategic crossing for Syria and Jordan. The United Nations coordination office for humanitarian affairs said they had died in areas close to the Jordanian border due to "scorpion bites, dehydration and diseases transmitted through contaminated water".

Reuters Television footage showed a long convoy of tanks and vehicles, carrying hundreds of regime forces, that appeared to be heading for western Daraa province, where opposition groups still hold several towns.

By entering al-Nuaima town on the outskirts of the city of Daraa from the east direction, the army units have achieved a new step to restore security and stability to Daraa eastern countryside and end the terrorist presence there, SANA reporter said.

Fighters who reject the agreement will be evacuated with their families to the rebel-held northwestern province of Idlib, it added.

The capture of the Naseeb border crossing is another victory for President Bashar Assad's forces, who have regained control of most of the area's key cities from insurgents.