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The queen checked her watch while waiting for Donald Trump

14 July 2018
The queen checked her watch while waiting for Donald Trump

After months of grumbling, Donald Trump has finally met Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II invited President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump to Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, for a meeting and tea.

The Trumps were greeted with traditional pomp and circumstance when they arrived at Windsor, with the queen's guards marching and playing the USA national anthem.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, published on Friday morning, Mr Trump said Ms May's plans for a business-friendly Brexit would leave it too close to the European Union to allow a new trans-Atlantic trade deal to be struck. Why, you ask? Because about 12 hours before this meeting, Trump blasted May for her handling of Brexit and said that he "told [her] how to do it but she didn't listen".

During a news conference today with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Mr Trump attacked NBC's Kristen Welker for what he called dishonest reporting following her question about relations with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Unsurprisingly, the meeting had everybody talking on social media, with a clip of the president stopping abruptly in front of the Queen doing its rounds online. Yesterday he also visited the Queen at Windsor Castle, while thousands of people assembled in London and Glasgow to protest at his presence. Organizers behind the crowd-funded campaign that has raised almost 20,000 pounds (approximately $26,400 USD) announced July 5 that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had agreed to let the group tether the balloon at Parliament Square Gardens.

While inspecting the guard at Windsor, Elizabeth appeared to give direction to Trump but then the president abruptly halted and Elizabeth was forced to walk around him.

Speaking about Mr Trump's criticism of the Mayor's record on knife crime, Mr Khan told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I have seen no evidence that this crime has been brought in by immigration from Africa or other parts of the world to Europe". I haven't been there in a long time.

Earlier in the day, President Trump met with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May for a politically charged one-on-one.

President Donald Trump refuses to take question from CNN reporter at joint presser with Theresa May.

Emily Thornberry accused President Trump of making Islamophobic and racist comments after he blamed the Mayor of London for terrorism in the capital.

"If you're a guest of hers, she will put you at her ease", Alastair Bruce, a royal expert and ABC News consultant said.