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Trump denies United States opposition to World Health Organization breastfeeding resolution

12 July 2018
Trump denies United States opposition to World Health Organization breastfeeding resolution

And it passed. After the uproar in health agencies around the world, the US was even forced to vote for the resolution. The resolution simply put forth that mother's milk is the healthiest option for infants and that countries should work to limit any misleading or inaccurate advertising by makers of breast-milk substitutes.

Breastfeeding is increasingly popular in the United States.

The New York Times alleges the United States attempted to browbeat others countries into dropping the resolution.

While Ecuador had plans to introduce the initiative, the country later made a decision to drop it after the USA reportedly issued threats of economic retaliation.

Vegan actress/activist Pamela Anderson recently penned a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) on behalf of animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The resolution was expected to pass in spring at a meeting of the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly in Geneva. Their sales have increased, however, in developing countries.

GREENE: It sounds like this is really important. But that version lacked some of the specific language of the earlier draft that targeted the marketing practices of the breast milk-substitute industry, according to Elisabeth Sterken, national director of INFACT Canada, a nongovernmental organization that promotes infant and young child nutrition. "One study found that for every 1,000 babies not breastfed, there were 2,033 extra physician visits, 212 extra hospitalization days, and 609 extra prescriptions for three illnesses alone - ear, respiratory, and gastrointestinal infection".

RUNDALL:.And many more millions actually not - are sick and not reaching their full potential.

"That that's the issue you would pick to torpedo is insane to me", she said.

The United States suggested a shorter and more streamlined resolution that encouraged promoting exclusive breastfeeding as well as global initiatives to encourage breastfeeding in hospitals. The Infant Nutrition Council of America has supported this non-partisan position since 2016, working with both the Obama and Trump administrations. They were the only country to vote against it in 1981.

The resolution seemed more than reasonable; apparently not to the US delegates. They would do things - you know, you'd never rely on them for doing something good, but you certainly - you wouldn't get this really harsh approach that we're seeing now in the previous year or - you know, it's really bad.

The federal protections don't extend to salaried employees such as executives and public school teachers, "many of whom typically have better breastfeeding accommodations", according to a 2011 paper in the American Journal of Public Health.

"Canada was very good, I have to give credit to Canada for being there and for protecting the best in the resolution", Sterken said Monday from The Thousand Islands.

In the course of one week in July, baby formula monopolies exposed that the drive for capitalist profits kills infants, and the Trump gang showed how an imperialist regime serves these monopolies - or tries to - whatever ruthless means it takes. His administration is not against breastfeeding, he argued, they just wanted to get rid of some language in the resolution that was hostile to infant formulas.