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Main » UFC 226: Daniel Cormier ends Stipe Miocic's reign with a knockout

UFC 226: Daniel Cormier ends Stipe Miocic's reign with a knockout

09 July 2018
UFC 226: Daniel Cormier ends Stipe Miocic's reign with a knockout

Prior to the main event, Lesnar was reported to be backstage at UFC 226 to watch the main event between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. Now he is ready to move back up to heavyweight for at least this fight, and he weighed in at 246 pounds, 3 more than Miocic.

Cormier then touched on the appeal of a fight with a star like Lesnar, and explained why, despite Lesnar's shady history, it's a priority over a fight with a heavyweight contender like Curtis Blaydes, or a light heavyweight contender like Alexander Gustafsson. White said he didn't know when the fight between Lesnar and Daniel Cormier will happen this year, but it's definitely a fight they will make. "DC, I'm coming for you motherfucker!"

'I mean who doesn't want to get a knockout and go home early unscathed.

"I was a heavyweight for a long time, and I left this division", Cormier said. Lesnar must be in the pool again for six months before he is allowed to compete again with UFC, so if he has indeed re-entered that testing pool again, his return to UFC is most certainly on.

For all the talk about champion-vs. -champion bouts over the years in the UFC, their actual history is just two chapters long.

Cormier - who wouldn't rule out defending his light heavyweight title before facing Lesnar - told reporters there was nothing staged about their theatrics.

Gustafsson faces Volkan Oezdemir on August 4 in Los Angeles, but the prospect of money fights with superstars Jones and Lesnar would probably be too great to overlook for Cormier.

Cormier has an uncanny ability to deflect blows from much taller opponents by keeping his hands loose and forward instead of using a traditional boxing stance where the hands are held tightly near the head. Welterweight Mike Perry also earned a copiously bloody split-decision victory over Paul Felder. The fight must take place in 2018 for the wagers to pay out. Lesnar last competed in UFC in July 2016.

Here are my thoughts on what comes next for the triumphant fighters from UFC 226.

Perry edged the fight via split-decision after a non-stop, drag-out affair, but Felder's coach Duke Roufus confirmed to press row after the fight that his man fought nearly all of the fight with a broken arm after sustaining an injury early in the first round.