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USA service member killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan

11 July 2018
USA service member killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan

Around 14,000 USA troops are now stationed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led mission, while also carrying out counterterrorism operations targeting Islamic State (IS) militants and Al-Qaeda.

Pompeo's visit to Kabul, which followed a tour of Asian countries, was his first to Afghanistan since he became secretary of state in April.

Pompeo said an element of the progress is the capacity that they now have to believe that there is hope that numerous Taliban now see that they can't win on the ground militarily.

"An American role will be important in this, but we can't run the peace talks, we can't settle this from the outside", he said.

This war started 17 years ago when Americans Invaded Afghanistan and thus Afghan Mujahid nationals launched the jihad, the group said.

However, these kind of attacks - where local troops turn on global forces and often referred to as "green on blue" incidents - are not necessarily the work of militants infiltrating the security forces.

"The United States and Afghanistan, and our allies and partners, must work tirelessly and together to end external support of the insurgency", it said. We saw the Taliban respond to the ceasefire that President Ghani put in place.

That North Korean assessment contradicted comments made on Saturday by Pompeo, who said he had made progress on "almost all of the central issues".

They happen when "Afghan service members or attackers wearing Afghan uniforms fire on USA or coalition troops", Reuters notes, adding that such attacks "have been a regular feature of the conflict in Afghanistan, although their frequency has diminished in recent years".

At the same time, he acknowledged that there is still a great deal of work to do. But we can't run the peace talks.

Pompeo said he hoped for a reduction in violence before the elections, which the Taliban have refused to support. The Taliban said the attacker acted on his own, but added that it "appreciated" his murderous efforts.

Speaking at Monday's news conference, Ghani praised the Trump administration's South Asia strategy, which included sending more American forces and pressuring neighboring Pakistan to do more to stop militants coming over its border into Afghanistan.