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Academy to Add Oscar Category Specifically For Popular Films

08 August 2018
Academy to Add Oscar Category Specifically For Popular Films

Future broadcasts will be three hours long and will include a new category that is designed around achievement in popular film.

We are committed to producing an entertaining show in three hours, delivering a more accessible Oscars for our viewers worldwide. It also clocked it at almost 4 hours, making it the longest show in over a decade.

Many have taken to social media to criticize Academy members' Wednesday decision to add the new bracket, which some view as an excuse not to nominate critically acclaimed blockbusters like "Black Panther" for best picture.

The 91st Annual Academy Awards, honoring the film achievements of 2018, will take place February 24, 2019.

Details of the new category like eligibility requirements will be announced at a later date, but at first glance the new award category does seemed created to try to heighten interest in the telecast by potentially including box office hits with some critical acclaim, like the recent Black Panther, Logan and Avengers: Infinity War.

This week, there was a meeting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that produced a few new changes that will, ostensibly, remold how the Oscars are handled from here on out.

In a statement, it said: "We have heard from many of you about improvements needed to keep the Oscars and our Academy relevant in a changing world".

The new 2020 air date moves the telecast from a previously announced date later in the month. Winners in less prominent categories will likely receive their awards during commercial breaks, with highlights from those presentations edited and aired later in the broadcast, according to the report.

The film academy is also shifting the date for the 92nd Academy Awards to earlier in the year.

Best Achievement In Popular Film.

Others blasted the academy with insults, calling the new changes "inane" and those who made them "cowards", while "Lord of the Rings" veteran Elijah Wood simply tweeted, "Best Popular Film? oof".

In 1929 at the first Oscars ceremony, the Academy awarded films in two separate categories - Outstanding Picture and Unique And Artistic Picture - both considered the top awards of the night.