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Fortnite APK Beta Mod Could Ban Your Android Device And Account

14 August 2018
Fortnite APK Beta Mod Could Ban Your Android Device And Account

Searching for "Fortnite" or "Fortnite Battle Royale" won't get you anywhere. When users search for "fortnite" on Google Play, they're now presented with a special message reading "Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play".

Now Playing: Watch this: Fortnite makes its Android debut exclusively on Samsung. While the message itself appears relatively mundane, this is not standard practice for the Google Play Store. The Play store doesn't offer much in the way of guidance for how users can actually download the Android version of the game, which requires opening up the phone's permissions and installing an APK file downloaded directly from Epic's website.

Once Epic Games greenlights you, you'll receive an invitation email that will also contain a download link for the Fortnite installer app. Additionally, the list of supported devices is initially limited to flagship devices with high-end chipsets capable of handling graphics-intensive titles.

According to its developer, Epic Games, players on select Samsung Galaxy devices will be able to "drop in immediately", while access to non-Samsung owners will be rolled out in waves "over the next few days". This is very likely to be automatically generated by Google's search algorithms, rather than any attempt on Google's part to direct potential customers elsewhere; the game was the top result prior to the announcement of the beta as well. You'll either have to download the game through Samsung's Game Launcher or from Epic's website. To put things in perspective, Fortnite for iOS has generated more than $180 million in revenue since its March debut and 30 percent of that goes to Apple, which adds up to $54 million. The bad news is that means an invite is still required to actually play the game, but the good news is that fans can actually pre-install the beta.

But PUBG Mobile is filling the void for Google in the best way possible.