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Is Melania Trump Making Fashion Choices to Punish the President?

14 August 2018
Is Melania Trump Making Fashion Choices to Punish the President?

That revelation sparked a stream of presidential invective on Twitter. "The messages behind her style choices aren't always clear, but they are never accidental". The American Civil Liberties Union called the private agreements for public employees "unconstitutional and unenforceable". "How's she doing?'" Manigault Newman writes.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday said Omarosa Manigault's new memoir is "riddled with lies".

Manigault Newman is an unlikely candidate for a campaign job, given that she was let go for unprofessional conduct like hosting a bridal party photo shoot at the White House. "While leering openly at her breasts, he said, 'she's a very, very sexy, desirably young woman who I'm looking forward to getting to know much better if you know what I mean with all due respect'". She recorded the conversation when she was sacked and subsequently released that audio recording.

Manigault Newman is married to Jacksonville Pastor John Newman. "Oh, oh, cheese and crackers, I- I don't love that you are leaving but, but I do love cheese and crackers'".

CNN anchor Jake Tapper picked apart President Donald Trump's deteriorating relationship with former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Monday's broadcast of "The Lead".

He hurled angry tweets at his former friend, as he prepared to return to the White House following an 11-day vacation in New Jersey.

But the 2016 NDA didn't yet include future Vice President Mike Pence and his family members under the non-disparagement umbrella, the campaign official said, so she was given an updated version to sign. She played portions of the recordings on "Meet the Press" on Sunday and Monday on "Today". "She was vicious, but not smart", he tweeted. Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work.

"Nobody even told me", Trump said on the recording. "I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me - until she got fired!"

Trump's latest attempt to discredit her comes after Omarosa claimed to have heard him use the n-word on a recorded tape dating back to his time on "The Apprentice".

"She claims to have heard from someone who heard from me that I heard Trump use the N-word", he said in an August 10 tweet.

But surreptitious tapes in Trump's world are nothing new, with the president himself once suggesting he secretly recorded fired FBI Director James Comey (who responded by saying: "Lordy, I hope there are tapes"). Mr. Trump seemed to acknowledge that the unseemly fight would have been unusual for most of his 44 predecessors as president of the United States. "I didn't know that. He doesn't know how to control himself".

Manigault Newman has said she was offered $15,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement when she was sacked last Decemberthat was, "as harsh and restrictive as any I'd seen in all my years of television". "He's being puppeted", she said.

Other former West Wing staffers have landed in similarly paying gigs: Keith Schiller, Trump's longtime bodyguard and one-time director of Oval Office operations, makes $15,000 per month advising the Republican National Committee on security arrangements for the 2020 GOP convention.