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MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Is Omarosa the smoking gun’ that takes down Trump?

17 August 2018
MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Is Omarosa the smoking gun’ that takes down Trump?

Manigualt Newman quotes Trump as saying "I will get rid of her".

"When Omarosa was sacked by the White House chief of staff, my entire family was concerned for her because we had no idea about the basis of her dismissal", Mrs. Trump said, "We still wanted her on our team because we cared about her so much".

"Everything, everybody, positive, right?"

Lara Trump is heard telling Manigault Newman that the job would pay $15,000 a month and that it would occasionally require speaking engagements.

Kristen Welker: "Can you stand at the podium and guarantee the American people they'll never hear Donald Trump utter the N-word on a recording in any context?"

While Stern gave his approval of the idea with a simple "I like it", his co-host Robin Quivers warned that Trump would "have a riot" on his hands if he made the idea reality.

"There are times when you can disagree with what he believes or why he said something, but my job to get up there was to say the president said that he believes the following", he added.

Manigault-Newman has backed up some of her claims in the books with audio tapes.

In the middle of all of his rambling, which really did require concentration to decipher at times, Arnold shot out, "I'm a insane person, you know that". All of this begs the question, if you knew he was a racist and said "inappropriate things" to you, why did you continue to work for him?

"Omarosa was welcomed into our family as a trusted friend and confidant", Lara Trump says in her statement responding to today's tape drop and interview on MSNBC by the former White House communications staffer.

Manigault Newman has already made several serious and provocative accusations about Trump and the White House in her book Unhinged, including that there are recordings of Trump using the N-word. She described Trump as someone who "really likes having people around to listen" to him.

In response to Omarosa's writing, Donald Trump has tweeted that she is a "dog" and a "crazed, crying lowlife".

Omarosa penned her book Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House after she was reportedly fired for using the White House's executive vehicle service 'like a personal Uber'. Afterward, White House chief of staff John Kelly told reporters Wilson used the dedication ceremony of a new Federal Bureau of Investigation building, named for slain agents, to boast about getting the money for its completion.

"So even though I'm skeptical about it, the body language of the White House certainly seems to imply that there's something that they are extremely anxious about". The job wouldn't require her to report to any particular office or have a specific set of duties, other than to speak positively on Trump's behalf as part of his re-election campaign.