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Zimbabwe: Opposition challenges election result in court

12 August 2018
Zimbabwe: Opposition challenges election result in court

The MDC Alliance on Friday filed its court papers at the Constitutional Court to challenge the outcome of Zimbabwe's general elections held on July 30.

In his regard, Adv Mpofu said there will be no inauguration of President Mnangagwa until the determination of the electoral dispute by the highest court in the land.

After filing the petition, Adv Mpofu told journalists that in terms of the basis of the evidence they placed before the court, what they are seeking in the main relief "to the effect that the court should declare the proper victor and the proper victor is my client". "We are seeking a declaration to the effect that the presidential election was not properly conducted", MDC party lawyer Thanbani Mpofu said.

This was the first time in 15 years European Union observers had been allowed into Zimbabwe to observe an election which was peaceful on polling day but marred by violence afterwards.

Mnangagwa's inauguration will take place 48 hours after the Constitutional Court announces its decision.

Mnangagwa's ruling ZANU-PF party dismissed the legal action.

"I am confident they have no case".

With the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance filing its court case right on deadline, the future for Zimbabwe still looks far from certain.

Analysts say that the legal challenge has little chance of success given the courts' historic tilt towards ZANU-PF, which has ruled since independence from British colonial rule in 1980.

Senior Zimbabwean opposition figure Tendai Biti was arrested as he tried to flee to neighbouring Zambia to seek asylum on Wednesday, his lawyer said, allegedly on charges of inciting violence over the disputed election result.

The United States government is gravely concerned by credible reports of numerous detentions, beatings, and other abuses of Zimbabweans over the past week, particularly targeting opposition activists.

The election passed off relatively smoothly but its aftermath revealed the deep rifts in Zimbabwean society.

THE UK's Minister for Africa has urged the government of Zimbabwe and opposition party to call for calm amid violence following elections.