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‘Alexa, cook my potato’: Amazon unveils $60 WiFi-connected microwave

21 September 2018
‘Alexa, cook my potato’: Amazon unveils $60 WiFi-connected microwave

Today's a big day for Amazon, as the company announced several new products in its Echo family of smart speakers.

Echo Auto: This tiny device puts the Amazon Echo in your vehicle and uses the location from your phone??? to offer directions, trigger events as you get near your home and even suggest nearby restaurants. Last year, Amazon outlined a bevy of new Echo form factors to expand Alexa's reach. Amazon Echo Dot was the second best-selling smart speaker.

Echo Plus now includes an embedded temperature sensor, so you can set temperature-based routines using other smart home devices. It will only be available with an invite at first and those getting an invite can expect to pay $24.99. The Echo Link, meanwhile, is the receiver (i.e unamplified) version, created to connect to a receiver or amplifier for similar control via the Echo/Alexa ecosystem.

Echo Link and Echo Amp Link. You can also stop the microwave by saying "Stop" or add time by saying "Add 30 seconds", for example.

Google Home Hub Features A 7-inch Touch Display; Comes With Google Assistant

Amazon has announced a bunch of new gadgets to boost up its smart automation lineup. It's gone on to make various flavors of Echo, including smaller Echos, an alarm clock, one with a screen and a device just for kids. Unlike many online publications, we don't have a paywall or run banner advertising, because we want to keep our journalism open, without influence or the need to chase traffic. You can bring up specific pictures from Google Photos ("Hey Google, show me my cat photos") or see who's at the front door with a connected Nest camera.

Amazon has also boosted Alexa's short-term memory so that follow-up questions no longer require a wake word. However, Pocket-Lint points out that this is far more expensive than most smart plugs so the listed price may be incorrect. And then later on, if they ask about a restaurant, the device will know they're still talking about Los Angeles.

We've known for a little while that Google Assistant would work on displays, but only third-party manufacturers have actually started to develop such systems. As a fun bonus, it also has a button that will use Amazon's Dash service to reorder popcorn. The product is available for order today and will begin shipping next month. The report also confirms that there will be no camera on board for Duo calls, something that was seen missing in the leaked images as well.