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CDC says nasal spray is back for this year's flu season

22 September 2018
CDC says nasal spray is back for this year's flu season

Though you may still get some side effects: runny nose, a sore throat or a cough those symptoms are limited and not the actual flu.

No. Because flu vaccines don't contain an active virus, it's impossible to contract the illness from the vaccine itself.

Epidemiologist supervisor Luis Cerda says the Laredo Health Department is making sure that the flu shots are available at both school districts in the coming weeks.

The flu vaccine is recommended for all Delawareans 6 months of age and older. These groups are more often under-vaccinated. "People think that when you get the flu shot, then you get the flu".

Ideally, a flu shot should be taken before there is a widespread infection in the neighborhood; this is because the vaccine takes about two weeks to start working and if delayed, it may not become effective on time. The flu vaccine is a preventive service under the Affordable Care Act, so it's fully covered and available at no cost through most insurance plans, including Medicare Part B.

Adult deaths from the flu are not nationally notifiable, the CDC said, but children's cases are tabulated.

River Bend Assisted Living in Rochester is listening to these recommendations and hosting a community event so people can get educated on the 2018-2019 flu vaccination.

"[The flu vaccine] It's about 70 percent effective in keeping people out of the hospital, and about 80 percent effective in keeping people from dying", according to Dillaha.

If you're looking for a location near you that offers flu vaccines, check your local pharmacy.

Baber said there was just one person "that we know of" from North Dakota who was on the detained plane and tested positive for the flu.

Experts research the type of virus that might be prevalent during a given season and design seasonal vaccines or shots to deal with the specific influenza viruses for the season.

There are contra-indications to the flu vaccine as enumerated in pamphlets distributed at the launch. More than 80 percent of doses are created to protect against four flu strains. Meanwhile, Delaware is reporting its first cases of the season, a month earlier than a year ago.

However, it's also possible to still get sick even if you've been vaccinated.

How well the vaccines protect people depends on how closely they match the viruses that are ultimately in circulation.