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Google is shutting down Inbox in March

13 September 2018
Google is shutting down Inbox in March

Inbox, Google's innovative app for email, has received its death sentence. As expected, Google has now announced that it will end support for Inbox in March of 2019 (via FastCompany).

Google Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt revealed today on the official The Keyword blog of the company that Google Inbox is being retired in 2019.

But in an overhaul to Gmail this year, Google implemented numerous innovative features that were introduced in Inbox. The app which served as an experimental testbed for Gmail features as well as a streamlined email client for the service, has apparently outlived its welcome with the company. This update brought more of Inbox's features to Gmail, adding to those that had already made their way across. In fact, most of its best features have, including Unified Inbox.

When I reviewed Inbox back in 2014 I quickly realized that the service was not something that I wanted to use.

We introduced the new Gmail in April this year, incorporating numerous same features you've come to love about Inbox plus newer features like Smart Compose, which helps you draft emails faster.

Back in 2014, the folks at Google responsible for Gmail did something unexpected: They introduced a new email app.

The service - which came in the form of iOS and Android apps and its own website - funneled mails from your Gmail account to a different, slightly more gesture-driven interface with its own unique set of options.

The page suggests alternatives for the Inbox features pin, bundles and reminders.