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Gunman shoots wife, four men dead in California

14 September 2018
Gunman shoots wife, four men dead in California

Next, the gunman went to the home of Laura Garcia, 32, and her father, Eliseo Cazares, 57, where he shot them both.

Authorities said the violence started at a trucking business near Bakersfield, where the shooter confronted a man and killed him.

Last week, a gunman killed three people at a bank in downtown Cincinnati before he was shot to death by police. A victim happened to be in the area and was chased around the building before being shot, Youngblood said.

The woman had just filed for a hearing concerning child support and property values, Youngblood said.

A friend of a man killed in a Southern California shooting rampage says he was a good family man and doesn't know why he was targeted.

The suspect then shot the man before turning and shooting his wife.

Investigators on Thursday were piecing together how five victims of a mass shooting in Bakersfield are connected.

A woman and child were inside the vehicle at the time but managed to escape without injury. USA TODAY reports that the suspect got out of the vehicle with a large-caliber handgun but before he could be arrested, he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the chest.

The shooting left 6 dead, including the gunman and his wife, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told reporters. "Five victims are deceased, and the suspect is also deceased", he repeated. Authorities were interviewing about 30 witnesses, Youngblood said.

The identities or a motive have not yet been revealed for the shootings in Bakersfield, 90 miles north of Los Angeles.

As the deputy closed in, yelling at Casarez to drop his gun, Casarez fatally shot himself in the stomach, according to graphic body camera footage released by police on Facebook.

"It's highly unusual to have six people killed in one incident", the sheriff said.

The names of the gunman and the five people he's said to have killed weren't immediately available. But he later added, "This is the new normal".