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Shipments of iPhone XR to start gaining momentum in October

21 September 2018
Shipments of iPhone XR to start gaining momentum in October

According to the official pricing, the iPhone XR will start from Rs. 76,900 ($749), next to the iPhone XS, will be priced at Rs, 99,900 and then the iPhone XS Max is way out of the league, priced at an exorbitant rate which is Rs. 1,09,900.

The iPhone was not among the "wide range" of products that Apple told regulators would be hit by the $200 billion round of tariffs in a September 5 comment letter to trade officials.

An edge-to-edge OLED display, stainless-steel construction, a camera that reviewers rave about, excellent speakers, and the iOS 12 operating system - it all combines for a decidedly premium experience.

The website lists the new iPhones and the associated battery capacity.

With every new iPhone release, Apple sticks to the same script. This is slightly lower than the 2716mAh unit on the iPhone X.

Apple's September event is over and done with, and all of a sudden we have three new phones to get excited about. You can expect this draining to go on for up to 48 hours after the install.

A slight notch above the iPhone X. And Yes, iPhone X 2017 already removed from the market, so you certainly bought one of the new blokatorov and not the previous model, which, objectively speaking, a little inferior to them. These are fairly decent display specs for a flagship phone. Even a $250 Android phone - the Moto G6 - comes with a fast charger.

The video shows a decent look at what it takes to tear down the new iPhone XS (for all you DIY folks), and these guys also beat iFixit to the punch (they're doing a teardown livestream on YouTube Friday morning at 10AM PDT).

Jason Hiner and Bill Detwiler discuss Apple's latest mobile hardware, including the most expensive iPhone ever and the increasingly health-conscious Apple Watch Series 4. He pointed out several apps have not adapted for the bigger screen, making things look a bit funky.

With this logic, some might say wireless chargers should also be included, as the iPhone has had wireless-charging support since the iPhone 8. It's less of an essential accessory compared to wired charging.

Tim Cook said that although iPhones are assembled in China, its parts come from many other places including the US.

Given that the iPhone XR shares numerous same specs as the iPhone XS - most importantly, that new A12 Bionic processor that puts Android phones to shame - and the screen is marginally bigger, it's widely predicted to be a hit.

$1,000 iPhone XS expensive?