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City firm trains staff as mental health 'first aiders'

12 October 2018
City firm trains staff as mental health 'first aiders'

The programme will include a series of educational awareness presentations and displays, social media discussion sessions, mental health-themed drawing and photography competitions for staff and their families, as well as a special health and wellness VIP event on the day itself.

The plan, established in conjunction between the EIS and UK Sport, aims to take care of athlete's mental health needs as well as their physical health. "Research shows there is a fourfold return on investment for every dollar spent on treating depression and anxiety, the most common mental health conditions, making spending on the issue a great investment for both political leaders and employers, in addition to generating savings in the health sector".

Global firm Dechert has introduced mental health "first aiders" into its workforce, as the debate around wellbeing in the legal sector grows.

Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: "More people being detained under the Mental Health Act represents more people with mental illness reaching crisis point". It will also teach those kids, as well as other kids who don't have anything, that mental illnesses are not scary and everyone can still be amongst each other without problems. "Get help right away".

He identified harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs among adolescents as a major factor causing mental illness, saying it could lead to unsafe sex, reckless driving and crimes.

Parents who wake their children up early in order to beat traffic and get to school early may be exposing the children to mental illness, the acting Director of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Kwadwo Marfo Obeng, has warned.

We live in a country where waiting lists are months long, misdiagnoses are rampant, medication is handed out as a quick-fix, and many (but not all) doctors are still dismissing symptoms as well, essentially, nothing.

"For too long, mental health has been mostly an afterthought, despite its overwhelming impacts on communities and young people, everywhere", Guterres said in a message for this world day.

More than 1,000 backpacks sat scattered across the Pentacrest under gray skies and sporadic sprinkles of rain, a somber memorial to college students who have committed suicide.

"At present, every nation in the world is a "developing" country when it comes to mental health", the pair wrote.

She has faced mental health issues from a young age and wants other people to open up about their own feelings.

Lady Gaga and Adhanom closed by saying, "The two of us have taken different paths in life".

"Mental health is beyond any barriers of gender, status etc; it's a very personal yet quite a universal trait that anyone can experience".