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First woman Doctor Who wants to be a role model to all

09 October 2018
First woman Doctor Who wants to be a role model to all

Fingers crossed we'll see her again, but for now, I'm just happy to have Doctor Who back on my TV screen. Not that you'd have expected that so early on in the season anyway, but there was admittedly more death in that first episode than some would have suspected.

That website was among several devoted to the series that labelled the first episode of the 13th Doctor's reign a success. And as one of the tweets says above, wouldn't it have been something to see three generations of women aboard the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 11?

It also sounds better, with composer Segun Akinola's score proving more contemporary and less obtrusive than the previous work of Murray Gold.

But my favourite change in the show is in the writing. She impressed the critics with her debut episode, which aired on BBC One last night.

My only complaint is that we were cruelly taunted with the demise of that laziest of plot devices - the sonic screwdriver - only to have it dramatically reinvented later in the episode.

Well, you'd better get used to it, lads, because Ms Whittaker is here now and she's absolutely wonderful.

The Doctor has had multiple companions in the past, but this feels more like a proper ensemble.

A couple of years ago, I was part of a group that toured Australian theatres in a Royal Institution of Australia production that explored whether that scientific gobbledegook has any basis in fact. But perhaps more important is how much fun she is having with it. The bigger change, honestly, is new composer Segun Akinola taking over for Murray Gold, who composed every season of the revival until now - Akinola's music is an ambient, synth-tinged breath of fresh air from Gold's bombastic leitmotifs; we're still scrambling to hear what his version of the Who theme is, but his quieter approach seems a flawless fit for this new iteration of the show.

But this isn't the first time that Americans have been stumped by Whittaker's native accent. What she learned from her binge watching was "how inclusive it is".