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Here's All the New Stuff Google Announced Today

10 October 2018
Here's All the New Stuff Google Announced Today

This year the firm is widely expected to launch the third-generation Pixel smartphones along with an upgraded Google Home, Chromecast and probably a new PixelBook version. For now, the service doesn't appear to offer the option to listen to the robot-on-robot action in question-in case, for example, you wanted to turn on a muted speakerphone while Google Call Screening did its thing.

Like last year's Pixel, the Pixel 3 won't have a headphone jack and Google is rumored to be bundling a pair of USB-C Pixel Buds in the box this year.

The Pixel 3 XL, on the other hand, will come with a 19:9 aspect ratio display, and the thick top and bottom chin will still exist, at least based on the leaks.

While Google Pixel 3 duo will surely grab the headlines, Google is also expected to unveil other devices at the event, including the Google Pixel Slate tablet with a detachable keyboard. Similar to the Microsoft Surface, the back portion can fold to prop the tablet up when sitting on a desk or lap.

Shares of Alphabet barely moved on the announcements. Financial analysts said it is hard evaluate Google's hardware business as it is overshadowed by profits from search ads.

Apple and Samsung each sell a phone that costs over $1,000.

This would make the Google Pixel Slate a very decent mix between the smooth, but limited Android and the versatile, but resource heavy Windows. The Pixel 3 starts shooting a second before you press the button and a second after - looking for the moments where everyone has their eyes open and facing the camera. The circle keys are a bit odd visually at first, but they were great to type on.

Also helpful could be a new artificial intelligence tool sure to generate buzz among consumers. The software, launching on U.S. Pixels only, answers calls, requests information about the nature of the calls and shares it as text with the recipient. The company showed off everything they have for us today (Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, and the Pixel phones) with more detail to follow.

Image Mysmartprice
Image Mysmartprice

One of the biggest differences present this year is the fact the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL support wireless charging.

Foremost, there's the camera, which Google says uses AI to know a good photo when it sees it. It's also got some special features when your Pixel 3 XL is charging on the stand, like an ambient light mode that mimics the sunrise before your alarm goes off in the morning and the ability to show your schedule, traffic info, and news.

Going from a small experiment to a polished product backed by large sales, support and technical teams has been part of Google's challenge.

However, both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL do not come cheap. (The iPad Pro doesn't even have a touchpad.) Pinch-zoom and two-finger scrolling were quick and responsive.

The new Pixel-branded phones will anchor the event in NY.

Google just announced this feature alongside the new Google Home Hub, a "smart display" like the Lenovo Smart Display.

And, with the aim to correct this, it looks like Google will unveil a Home Hub with a screen, again via MySmartPrice.