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IPhone XS users can now charge their phones in peace

10 October 2018
IPhone XS users can now charge their phones in peace

If you want it all in Apple's words, the company's release notes are below.

For example, Apple says that it's fixed an issue where some iPhone XS devices might not begin charging immediately when connected to a Lightning cable, which sounds like an important bug fix for a new flagship smartphone. A bug was causing some of these models to hook up with a slower 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network instead of a faster 5GHz signal.

The position of the.?123 key has also been switched back in this update on the iPad. iOS 12 swapped the position of the.?123 key and the emoji/language key, which annoyed some users and this update swaps it back. Stats from Mixpanel suggest that iOS 12 is already running on more devices globally than iOS 11, which just goes to show exactly how popular the platform has proven to be with consumers. Apple switched the position of the key with the one for emoji/language in iOS 12.

The new software also tackles a WiFi annoyance that some users had been reporting.

The new update also includes fixes for more minor bugs, including an issue that caused subtitles not to appear on certain video apps and another that may have made Bluetooth unavailable in certain circumstances.

Users can download the latest update by navigating to Settings General Software Update on their iPhone or iPad.

iOS 12.0.1 should now be available for all eligible devices as a free over-the-air update.