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Local Non - Profit Breast Cancer Organization Stepping into Spotlight during Awareness Month

16 October 2018
Local Non - Profit Breast Cancer Organization Stepping into Spotlight during Awareness Month

The 28-year-old nurse had no family history of the disease. Each was unique, but they all shared a common plot line: a battle with breast cancer.

Touch your breasts - Can you feel anything uncommon and different like a lump?

The Estee Lauder Companies Inc and the five beauty brands under its portfolio are launching limited-edition pink products to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. An average woman's risk of developing breast cancer is often quoted to be 1 in 8, which amounts to a risk of 12%. She has more than 30 years of experience in Radiology/Imaging.

"On a handsome spring morning in 2015 I received a call from my mother saying she was on her way to the hospital with what she called "sudden bloating". They are things that founder Molly Zaver wishes she had when undergoing treatment in 2011. Soon after, she had a bilateral mastectomy and shortly after that, she got her skin checked. We were told she had a few weeks left to live.

At this point while the cancer is still treatable it is no longer curable. Both surgery and radiation may lead to such blockades. She's never become a regular member.

Check the entire breast including the armpit area and change the pressure from light to deep to assess each level of tissue. "In the Ashkenazi Jewish population, it is one in 40", she says. The lymph nodes trap bacteria, cancer cells, or other harmful substances. After the treatments, the lymph nodes were removed and none were positive - meaning that the chemotherapy got rid of it. Those topics aren't usually brought up, she said. "I was going to fight". Breast cancers found during screening exams are more likely to be smaller and still confined to the breast.

Chairwoman Libby Burgess said people should not have to go to politicians begging for their lives. The breasts also contain lymph vessels. After getting a mammogram, her doctors said it was nothing.

"I was in a panic", said Tatum, who lives near Altgeld Gardens on the Far South Side. When breast cancer grows back, it is called recurrent breast cancer.

"I was not keen on getting the free examination, especially because all my colleagues who went in for their screenings came out with flying results". However, this photo, I always catch myself looking at. "To show that chemo and cancer can't keep me down".

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some think a secondary breast cancer diagnosis means death is just around the corner.

But genetic mutations are rare.

"The Maine Breast Cancer Coalition is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Maine breast cancer license plates", said Bethany Zell of Caribou, president, Maine Breast Cancer Coalition.

A popular example is Angelina Jolie's mother who died of breast cancer.

Despite the prevalence of the condition, less than 40 per cent of eligible women in Singapore have participated in crucial screening mammogram.

Tamara Rodriguez, CFO of Fatima Group, a conglomerate that focuses on rebuilding Haiti, was diagnosed at 35. Carson Tahoe's comprehensive breast center offers patients the latest technological advancements - including 3D mammography, 2D mammography, breast biopsy, and breast MRI. So, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness this October, we're here to remind you that checking your breast health is important. "I'm thankful for everyone I've met on this journey". I know you're watching over us.

During the event, officials at Nebraska Medicine asked people to paint rocks with messages of hope and encouragement for people who are dealing with breast cancer.