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Video shows moment woman claims 9-year-old sexually assaulted her

16 October 2018
Video shows moment woman claims 9-year-old sexually assaulted her

The woman, Teresa Klein, caused anger earlier this week after she called 911 to report an alleged sexual assault by a nine year old.

Klein was dubbed by the Internet as "Corner store Caroline" - just the latest moniker in a series of incidents where a white person calls the police on a black person. Now she is claiming she may have been mistaken.

At one point during the altercation, Klein told the boy's mother that she was a cop. Following the trend of giving these instigators a derisive nickname like BBQ Becky and Permit Patty, a NY woman who accused a Black 9-year-old of touching her butt is being dubbed "Cornerstore Caroline".

Surrounded by heckling neighbors - some recording on cellphones - Klein looked up at a mounted screen, where the surveillance footage showed the boy walking behind her and his backpack appearing to brush her backside. Klein said the boy grabbed her buttocks.

The episode began Wednesday when Klein appeared to be calling the police on cellphone video captured by a Brooklynite who posted it to Facebook with the message, "Make this go viral". Klein spoke exclusively with PIX11 outside her home where she says she's been harassed after the video went viral.

Many, including Klein herself, have noted the appearance of racial profiling: "White lady calling. the cops on a black lady, I get it", she says to an increasingly hostile crowd gathered around her as she talks on the phone, purportedly to a 911 operator. After viewing the footage, Klein made an apology to the boy through the reporters present.

"Based on this evidence, and a new review of the video, I am calling on the Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzalez, to file charges against her".

Spectators outside the Sahara Deli Market tried to console the mother and the two crying children dressed in green and khaki uniforms.

The dramatic scene quickly drew the attention of passersbys who were shocked to hear that the woman would call the police on a child.

An outraged witness then approaches the woman and says: 'What is your problem?

Jason LittleJohn took the video and posted it online.

"Young man ... I don't know your name but I'm sorry", she said in a public address, according to the New York Times. "As you can see the kid is crying, and the mom is upset".

In a subsequent tweet, Ramos wrote that the police arrived following the woman's call.