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Amazon To Split Second Headquarters Between Two US Cities, Says Report

07 November 2018
Amazon To Split Second Headquarters Between Two US Cities, Says Report

The Wall Street Journal broke the news over the weekend that Amazon entered into "late-stage talks" with three locations - Dallas, Texas; Arlington, Va.; and New York City.

Later, The New York Times reported that Amazon was "nearing a deal to move to the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens" and "is also close to a deal to move to the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia, a Washington suburb".

There won't be one victor, the Journal says, citing "a person familiar with the matter".

Some experts say it's hard for a location to come out on top.

The company isn't leaving Seattle, and Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has said the new headquarters will be "a full equal" to its current home.

Assume each employee makes an average of $100,000 a year, and we're talking about two communities that will wind up getting an extra $2.5 billion a year economic infusion each year based on salaries alone.

Amazon said it would consider costs of living in its decision-making process.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt until Amazon makes its official announcement. More than a quarter of its USA tech and managerial workers are already based outside Seattle. For example, Amazon's Atlanta offices focus on fulfillment technologies, while Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hosts machine translation research.

The bidding for Amazon has been intense since the company announced plans to build a second headquarters away from its Seattle hub.

Some cities got creative with their offers. Early this year, Indianapolis was named one of 20 finalists for the second corporate headquarters.

Most of the cities that made the shortlist were located along the East Coast and in the Midwest.

Seattle's tech-fueled economy led to rent increases that helped exacerbate a local problem of homelessness.

What are cities offering Amazon?

As recently as 2010, Amazon had only 10,000 employees there. Amazon kicked off its hunt for a second headquarters in September 2017, initially receiving 238 proposals before narrowing the list to 20 in January.

Klepper reported from Albany, New York. By doing so, Amazon will disperse the pressures on housing, transportation, and talent that HQ2 will intensify. Search Amazon HQ2 on Google News: 1.8M results. Instead of Arlington, Virginia, Sperling suggests that Amazon should consider building its own community in Oatlands, Virginia, which is now rural and undeveloped, but still relatively close to D.C.