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India's man-eating tiger shot dead after massive hunt

05 November 2018
India's man-eating tiger shot dead after massive hunt

For almost three months, 150 ground personnel, elephants and so-called expert trackers and shooters were on a hunt to find Avn as she had killed 13 people over the last two years in the region.

Shafat Ali Khan, who was first given permission to shoot the tigress, could not be reached on phone for his comments as there was no official word if his son was also allowed to shoot the animal.

"I am deeply saddened by the way tigress Avni has been brutally murdered in Yavatmal", she said in a tweet."It is nothing but a straight case of crime. This is patently illegal", she said.

Tigress Avni, an alleged man-eater, was shot dead in Maharashtra Saturday, reportedly in violation of guidelines issued by the forest department and the Supreme Court.

As such, the Times report says: "Villagers in the area erupted in joy when they heard about her death, shooting off firecrackers, passing out candies and pumping their fists in the air". The six-year-old animal had allegedly killed at least 13 people in Ralegaon forest since June 2016.

British actor and animal conservationist Dan Richardson, who had planned to organise and hold a march in London on 11 November, said the fight to save the tiger's cubs must continue. Speaking to ThePrint, he had said, "The NTCA prohibits darting of animals at night, and during the day, it is impossible to spot her". Mahrashtra government is doing a good job of tiger conservation. We also had to take into the consideration the sense of terror among our Adivasi and farmer brothers.

For more than three months, Forest Department officials were planning to catch her with the help of latest technology. Attempts to tranquilise her had failed due to various reasons, including the terrain in the forest area, the counsel representing the forest department had told the court in September. "Despite the forest officials being committed to tranquillise, capture and quarantine the tigress, the trigger-happy shooter has killed her on his own under orders of [the minister]".

The villagers are banned by the government from grazing their cattle in the reserve and have been taking them into the forest because there is little fodder close to their homes, our correspondent says. Again, the activists went to court. However, the top court refused to interfere in the Bombay High Court order. Rangers were called to a place near Borati village after residents spotted the man-eating tiger, the BBC reported.