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Main » Samsung hints foldable display, new Galaxy UX, Android 9 Pie Beta Program

Samsung hints foldable display, new Galaxy UX, Android 9 Pie Beta Program

07 November 2018
Samsung hints foldable display, new Galaxy UX, Android 9 Pie Beta Program

The official Samsung Mobile Facebook handle has changed its DP with an image of the world "SAMSUNG" fully folded to reflect the attribute of the upcoming flagship phone. Samsung Developers Conference kicks off on November 7 in San Francisco, which is tomorrow.

Samsung made it pretty obvious yesterday that it is taking foldable displays a priority. While this will undoubtedly see some of its upcoming features worm their way out from behind closed doors, such as the user interface, the extra communication with app makers is an effort to ensure a smooth release for the experimental device.

Samsung patented foldable screen technology in 2015 that would allow for a flexible OLED display with a folding mechanism under the display. Despite all the unfulfilled Project Valley and Galaxy X rumors of previous years, it's hard not to feel a little excitement for what Samsung might unveil later this week at its developer conference in San Francisco.

While DJ Koh, President of Samsung's mobile division, already confirmed about the development long back, it is now the first time that Samsung has officially teased something about the foldable smartphone. We haven't attended an SDC in years, but because of the hype surrounding this foldable display device, you'll find me in SF later this week.

As per a report from The Wall Street Journals, the South Korean tech giant is apparently in talks with the online media streaming platforms including YouTube and Netflix to deliver the best quality content for an enhanced user experience. The phone is rumoured to sport a 7.3-inches primary display and a 4.6-inches secondary display. Apart from that, certain other details have been revealed including the presence of 512GB inbuilt storage, dual-SIM support, and the confirmation of a Silver colour variant. Naturally, there has been no hint of a price tag, but you can guarantee that buying the foldable phone will not be something that your wallet will thank you for. Unlike Samsung and other global companies now on the foldable screen hype, Royole's "FlexPai" model claims to be both a smartphone and tablet in one.