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United States elects record number of women to House

08 November 2018
United States elects record number of women to House

A record number of women were elected to the US House on Tuesday, almost two years after women spilled out into the streets of Washington and in cities across the country in defiance of the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

A former Central Intelligence Agency officer toppled an arch-conservative in Virginia. Vermont has never sent a woman to Congress.

"We launched this campaign because no one was clearly and authentically talking about issues like the corrupting role of money in politics".

Omar, in addition to being one of the first Muslim women in Congress, will also be the first Somali-American member. Holtzman held that distinction for 42 years until Stefanik was elected.

Deb Haaland, also a Native American, was also elected a congresswoman.

The US midterm elections on Tuesday will bring a range of fresh faces to Washington, from the vice president's brother to the youngest-ever woman in Congress. Many female Democratic House candidates who prevailed on Election Day ran in opposition to Trump or his policies.

Michigan's Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota's Ilhan Omar are the country's first Muslim women in Congress. Ayanna Pressley is Massachusetts' first Black congresswoman.

Democrat Ilhan Omar speaks after winning in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District race.

Women also were on the ballot for governor in 16 states this year. CNN is also projecting that Colorado Democratic Rep. Jared Polis will win, making him the nation's first openly gay man elected to a governor's seat. Democratic women flipped three Republican-held seats: Mary Lou Scanlon, Chrissy Houlahan, Susan Wild, and Madeleine Dean won an open seat.

■In Tennessee, Republican Marsha Blackburn will become that state's first woman senator.

The last time women voted for Democrats anywhere near that margin was more than 30 years ago. There are more women in office now than ever before, and this is only the beginning.

"My campaign started in food, and in a lot of ways evolved out of food", she told Bon Appetit during an interview in the restaurant.

The gains among women on Capitol Hill come as potential Democratic candidates for president are already taking steps to challenge Trump, several prominent female Democrats among them. This cycle, women placed gender and motherhood center stage.

After eight years in the US House, she was one of the rare high-profile Republican women seeking a promotion in a campaign year defined more by the enthusiasm of Democratic women and the proliferation of Democratic female candidates.

Still other women broke with convention and shared heart-wrenching stories of sexual abuse.

She said numerous women and minorities didn't want to be first or make history, but rather wanted change on issues important to them.

"We could not be more excited to see them sworn in this January".

Sutton made a race of it, leaning into a record of public service as well as his history as a professional bronco rider, a career that left him paralyzed.