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All 8 Cities And Stadiums Confirmed For New XFL Teams

06 December 2018
All 8 Cities And Stadiums Confirmed For New XFL Teams

The league will kick off the weekend of February 8, the first weekend after the NFL's Super Bowl. He noted that they've had meetings with the NFL and other leagues, former players and officials.

They are focusing on shorter games (less than 3 hours), changes to rules with changes to punts, extra points, and more.

McMahon said there will be more innovative and exciting play. Players will be tested for performance-enhancing drugs. It will also cater to families looking for affordable ticket options. There is no amount of a final price per season ticket posted on the site, but $50 guarantees fans a chance to buy a season ticket once they are released.

Luck said an XFL app is being developed.

Luck will join 710 ESPN Seattle's Bob, Groz and Tom at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday to talk about the XFL in Seattle. Luck spoke about former players, coaches, and medical professionals about modifying the game so that it's familiar yet unique. The league will fully implement gambling in all states where it is legal. The XFL has locked in major former National Football League executives, and in the first quarter of 2019, they will identify team presidents and key players, including Doug Flutie. Luck said they are confident that game will be available on multiple platforms when they launch in 2020.

"After months of research and consideration, we're thrilled to announce the cities and venues of the XFL's eight inaugural teams", Luck said. He said the goal was to establish a true partnership with cities instead of just renting a building. The team's name was not announced.

Today's big reveal fell in line with a report from last week which caught a potential leak on the XFL website, listing the phone numbers for eight league headquarters in different cities around the country.