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Evers hopes Walker will consider vetoes of lame-duck bills

08 December 2018
Evers hopes Walker will consider vetoes of lame-duck bills

That chamber ultimately approved the package 17-16, with one Republican, state Sen.

Both Evers and Kaul committed during the campaign to pulling Wisconsin out of a multi-state lawsuit seeking to invalidate Obamacare.

Democratic Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel is thought to be the aim of an additional bill which provides the legislature with the right to wade into legal battles involving the state.

State lawmakers from across the country, gathered at an annual meeting in Washington, D.C., of the National Conference of State Legislatures, are watching carefully. There could also be cases where legislators want to take the same side as the attorney general but make a different legal argument. They said the anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative approved last month is self-executing, and the legislation is unconstitutional and is not supported by organizers of the ballot drive nor people who voted for it.

One provision allowing lawmakers to replace the attorney general with their own attorneys was stricken following all-night negotiations among Republicans.

But Republicans also have made it clear that they're taking action because they don't trust Evers.

On the campaign trail, Gov. -elect Tony Evers indicated that we could remove Wisconsin from that lawsuit.

"Republicans in MI and Wisconsin lost elections on November 6".

The lawmakers would also grant themselves the power to hire private lawyers to defend state laws facing court challenges - another move created to chip away at Kaul and the new administration's powers. If you think a powerful executive branch is fine when the governor is wearing a Team Red jersey but not when he's wearing a Team Blue jersey (or vice versa), then it doesn't seem like you're actually anxious about the separation of powers at all.

The power to withdraw Wisconsin from a lawsuit challenging the federal health care law would rest with a legislative committee, rather than the attorney general.

Evers, who won the statewide election by fewer than 30,000 votes, defeated Walker in Milwaukee County by more 138,000 votes.

Republicans denied that the bill undercuts Nessel or any future attorney general, calling it a response to increasing "legislation through litigation".

The same can be said of each individual proposal being passed this week.

Republicans on Wednesday passed far-reaching legislation that cuts into both Evers' powers and those of the Democrat who will take over as attorney general next month.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Minority Leader who is expected to retake her gavel as speaker of the House in January, told reporters last week that "our best friend in this debate is the public". A defeated governor who championed an unpopular and expensive giveaway to a wealthy foreign company is poised to sign a series of bills tilting power towards a branch of government where his party controls almost two-thirds of the seats despite having the support of less than half the state-all so that party can maintain a greater degree of power.

Republicans pushed on Tuesday night into Wednesday through protests, internal disagreement and Democratic opposition.

The Republican efforts, which echoed actions taken by politicians in North Carolina in 2016, threatened to further deepen political rancor in the key Midwestern battleground states.

The bill was sent to the GOP-led House on Thursday for consideration as early as next week, following a similar move to restrict the powers of incoming Democrats in neighboring Wisconsin.

Democrats say the move in the critical Midwestern battleground states where their party reclaimed both governorships for the first time in almost a decade ignores the will of the voters and undermines their ability to govern.