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Fortnite's new creative mode lets you build on your own private island

06 December 2018
Fortnite's new creative mode lets you build on your own private island

When it comes to buying videogames online Valve's Steam platform has the market pretty sown up. The new season is scheduled to kick off this Thursday, December 6, and developer Epic Games has been building up excitement by sharing a series of teaser images each day leading up to it. Is Epic teasing the Season 7 debut of some kind of a Shrink Ray weapon? The platform will also include a feature dubbed Support-A-Creator, which connects developers with around 10,000 content creators including YouTube video makers and Twitch streamers for improved exposure.

And if previous seasons are anything to go by, Epic Games usually release 3 teaser posters before the full scale update releases.

Among players of the popular video game, one of the favorite features is the "emote", a quick dance that can be triggered to make the player's character celebrate a particularly thrilling kill or victory. Earlier this year we saw Epic bucking trends by releasing the Android version of Fortnite on its own website, instead of on the Play Store. If the developer is using Unreal Engine, Epic is taking the 5% of engine royalty for sales out of their 12%.

The ninth instalment in the revered first-person shooter franchise (and the first since 2007's Unreal Tournament III) was being developed with help from the community.

Epic Games has already given us a Playground mode that gives players an hour to do whatever they want. In both cases, Epic emphasized that the change was the result of the high volume of transactions that have resulted from the overwhelming success of Fortnite. Better digital storefronts are desperately needed.

Are you a techie who knows how to write? "But with developers receiving 88 per cent of revenue and Epic receiving 12 per cent, this store will still be a profitable business for us", he explained. Talking with Eurogamer Sweeney said that Epic will manually curate the store rather than relying on algorithms or paid ads for placement and discovery.

The Epic Games Store is a good attempt to provide competition to some established players.