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Michelle Obama offers advice to Meghan Duchess of Sussex

05 December 2018
Michelle Obama offers advice to Meghan Duchess of Sussex

Mrs Obama is now promoting her memoir, Becoming - which became this year's best-selling U.S. book just 15 days after its publication.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has shared some words of wisdom with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex about adjusting to life in the spotlight. "It ain't equal. I tell women, that whole "you can have it all" - mmm, nope". She said: "We mistakenly thought that Barack Obama was going to erase hundreds of years of history in eight years".

As the crowd exploded in response to Obama dropping a curse word, she laughed, "I forgot where I was for a moment!".

Obama also discussed techniques she's learned to be more approachable. "And I'm like, duh, marriage is hard, it is hard".

"Marriage still ain't equal, y'all", she said, according to Vanity Fair."It ain't equal".

In 2017, Sandberg admitted that the "lean in" method isn't as effective as she thought it would be: "We are stuck at less than six per cent of the Fortune 500 CEO jobs and their equivalent in nearly every country in the world".

"Malia and I were talking recently about all the little things we'd stress over in junior high and high school - whether we're wearing the right clothes, a snarky comment somebody made about us, the boys we crushed on", she says.

Michelle Obama weighs in on the idea of 'leaning in': 'That s--t doesn't work' - NY Daily News

"It's become glaringly clear in these past weeks that, far from merely balancing work, life, and gendered expectations, women working in industries from glamorous-seeming Hollywood to crowded restaurant kitchens have been navigating a brutal minefield of harassment, abuse, and inappropriate behavior - not to mention plain old sexism and bullying - in order simply to keep their jobs, never mind advance in their careers", she wrote. "I find great hope in this generation of young women". "And so then it's time to go to marriage counseling", she added, to delighted laughter from the audience.

Michelle also talks about her transition from the White House to the "real world", recalling her first night alone after the family moved into a brick home not far from 1600 Pensylvania Avenue at the end of Barack's presidency.

"Part of what we have to do is expose them to the opportunities".

She said she didn't believe America was ready for a black president, "let alone a black president named Barack Hussein Obama".

Earlier today, EGA alumna Winnie Mac, 22, said: "One of the things she said in her speech was how important it was to reach back and help others".

"As much as I wish that could happen in four years, I don't think that's a likely time period", said Sandberg.