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People saw right through Kareem Hunt's apology interview on ESPN

03 December 2018
People saw right through Kareem Hunt's apology interview on ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs on Friday released Hunt after TMZ published a video showing the Pro Bowl running back shoving and kicking a female at a Cleveland hotel during a February incident.

Hunt said that he was never approached by the NFL to talk about the February incident, and according to league sources, the NFL did reach out to the woman and her friend multiple times, but were unsuccessful in talking to them.

Of note and interest in the interview, Hunt admitted he lied to the Chiefs about the incident and also said he never spoke to the National Football League about what happened in the hotel. What perspective could Hunt have possibly gained since he was released by the Chiefs less than 48 hours ago, when he coasted through an entire season without feeling the need to come clean about what had actually happened that night?

Kareem Hunt addressed the altercation he had with a woman in February during a sit-down interview with ESPN's Lisa Salters on Sunday morning. Nearly immediately, TMZ reported, the Chiefs sent Hunt home early from a practice. "I'm so respectful to everyone and I made a bad decision at that time and I just hope that people will forgive me". That incident led to a lengthy legal saga, and it culminated in an investigation by Robert Mueller into the NFL's mishandling of it. "Everybody gets a little angry sometimes".

"I want to let the world know how sorry I am for my actions", Hunt said, in an interview with ESPN, stressing that he doesn't see himself as the type of person who assaults women. I am very embarrassed about it. Soon after the video release, the Chiefs released Hunt.

In the grainy, graphic video, Hunt is seen getting into an argument with a woman and several men step in to hold him back.

"That's not me. That's not the person I am".

"I just thought of myself as being just not me", Hunt said of his reaction to seeing the video.

"I don't think it's something that can't change, and I don't think it's something that people are not committed to changing, because I think they are", she said.

Salters also asked Hunt about the details of the incident in the hotel and whether there were some things said or done by the other party that could have caused things to escalate.

"It was just a disagreement", he said. "I regret my decision that I did that night".

The incident happened outside Hunt's hotel apartment, Ottinger told

Rice was originally suspended two games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who later was heavily criticised for such a light penalty after the video was released. "And I know that's where I masked a lot of my problems". I know my upbringing wasn't flawless.