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Ubisoft teases new post-apocalyptic Far Cry

07 December 2018
Ubisoft teases new post-apocalyptic Far Cry

It's basically the gaming world's equivalent of the Golden Globes, if the Golden Globes were occasionally sponsored by Dorito's, or undrinkable new flavors of Mountain Dew.

If you haven't yet played Far Cry 5 and don't want to spoil the ending, you're going to want to avoid Ubisoft's tease for a Far Cry announcement that's coming during tomorrow Game Awards. However, we will be seeing the full reveal tonight during The Game Awards, which unfortunately doesn't kick off until 1:30 AM for those of us in the UK.

The title suggests a flip of Far Cry 5, where the player was part of the resistance against the New Dawn movement.

At the end of Far Cry 5 if you got the main, I suppose now canonical ending, a great big nuclear bomb erupts, killing numerous people in Hope County.

The game appears to be a direct continuation of Far Cry 5, following the destruction of life on Earth at the end of the game.

Will it be a full-blown game, though? If you managed to finish Far Cry 5, then you know this seems pretty familiar.

Tune into the Game Awards for the world premiere of the next Far Cry. With Ubisoft already releasing series spin-offs like Primal and Blood Dragon, it's fair to assume that this mysterious new title will be more in line with one of those.

However, there has tended to be several years between games.