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AMD announces Radeon VII graphics: Zen 2 on track

10 January 2019
AMD announces Radeon VII graphics: Zen 2 on track

This is the second generation of AMD's Vega graphics architecture, hence the VII - Vega 2.

Harnessing 7nm technology already in the machine-learning marketplace, AMD is to massage the extant Radeon Instinct 50 professional card into a gaming GPU known simply as Radeon VII, set to cost $699. Read about the key features of the AMD Radeon VII graphics below. AMD had Battlefield V and Far Cry 5 results on stage showing a 1fps lead for the new Vega-based Radeon VII, but with the Vulkan-based Strange Brigade you could see a massive 20% performance lead for the AMD card at 4K Ultra settings.

To this end, Dr. Su recapped on the significant strides made by the consumer Ryzen and server-focussed Epyc processors, built on an all-new architecture and connectivity fabric created to scale easily to 32 cores and 64 cores, respectively, bringing more compute per socket to both ecosystems than ever before. At $699, AMD's high-end GPU will also be more expensive than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, which is now available at $349.

Enabling real-time 3D and compute applications: The Radeon VII graphics card delivers the performance required for demanding 3D rendering and video editing applications, and next-generation compute workloads.

AMD boasts that the card, which packs a gamer-friendly triple cooling system, offers 25 per cent more performance, at the same power, as previous Vega graphics.

The AMD Radeon VII and its 16GB of ultra-fast HBM2 memory will have to compete with NVIDIA's freshly-announced GeForce RTX 2080 GPU.

AMD were also keen to emphasise that their 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs will be the first PC platform to support the super fast PCIe 4.0 standard, letting it take advantage of some of the faster graphics cards (hello Radeon 7) and devices that are coming out this year.

On the laptop front, AMD said on stage that it was focusing its efforts on students enrolled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

But still, a new, high-performance 7nm Vega GPU is a surprise given that AMD had previously stated it wasn't even considering the shrunken chip for a gaming release.

- 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Mobile CPUs as announced earlier this week.