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Android Messages is getting a new feature to help fight spam

01 January 2019
Android Messages is getting a new feature to help fight spam

Google's support page doesn't reveal the inner operations of Spam Protection, but presumably, the company uses software to statistically look at similarities between spam messages to accurately detect them. From those who already have the new Spam Protection, we've learned that it comes as a popup notification. If you forward a spam report manually to Google it still submits the phone numbers of both the sender and the recipient including the message body.

The new spam protection feature can be managed by heading to the Settings menu, clicking Advanced settings, and selecting the Spam Protection option to enable or disable it as per the users' choice. The new feature is announced via an on-screen pop-up and can then be toggled on and off in the settings for the app.

Google, a leading American tech giant has been working on the spam protection feature for Android users on the Messages Application for quite some time now. If you don't want to do that, you can simply block a phone number without reporting it as spam. We've reached out to Google for more information on its launch plans and for details on the data its spam protection feature does gather. The advertising message will not even appear, that is, they no way could disturb the user's mobile device. You can still report spam manually.

Thankfully for Android users, Google has been on top of developing a solution to combat this problem, and it'll come to us in the form of an updated Messages app.

However, it seems that the feature sends some information back to Google, such as the numbers behind incoming messages, but not the content of the SMS or other data that could identify senders personally.