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Apple iPhone XS Max catches fire, claims owner

03 January 2019
Apple iPhone XS Max catches fire, claims owner

It seems 2018 can't end soon enough for Apple.

A new generation of face recognition technology is coming to phones in late 2019 and Sony is the company that is driving this innovation. The victim complained about it to Apple but received a lackluster response.

He is "contemplating legal action" against the $750 billion company, according to the report. While the actual incident took place back on December 12th, the story didn't surface until Friday. He later felt a large amount of heat from his pants and saw a yellow and green colored smoke coming from his iPhone that he immediately had to run out and take it off since there was a lady in the room. The man identified as Josh Hillard said the phone was not in use when the incident occurred and is not sure either as to what might have caused the fire. A fire extinguisher was reportedly used to douse the flames.

The ordeal left Hillard with a hole in his trousers, fire extinguisher residue on his clothing, as well as "some pain/irritation in my buttocks region", he said. The staff then took the phone to try and do some damage control.

He then asked for his phone back but was told that the burnt phone had to be sent to the engineering team. This was when he was promised a replacement unit and also received the same.

The destroyed iPhone XS Max didn't just ruin Hillard's day. Rival Huawei, which is the number two smartphone manufacturer in the world, could also adopt something similar, adds the report.

Check out the photos below-shared via iDrop News. Nearly half of the display is charred and deformed. He also emailed them pictures of his damaged phone. But for Hillard, his XS Max reportedly gave up in the worst possible way less than a month after he bought it.

Is it impossible to eliminate such incidents?

But suddenly, during his lunch break, an odd smell appeared. Now it was an iPhone XS Max that exploded. The whole incident was recorded on a surveillance camera.

The screen size of iPhone XS didn't change much from previous year's iPhone X. Rahel Mohamad, the phone's owner, told Gadgets 360 that he was using the original charger to charge his iPhone. It is also prudent when you stop leaving your device inside a hot vehicle.

"When I held the phone it was very hot and I drop the phone immediately". According to Citi analyst William Yang, whose investor note was earlier reported on by Reuters, Apple is planning to cut its iPhone XS Max production in half due to lower-than-expected demand for the handset.