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Google Assistant Now Lets You Check-In to Flights by Voice and More

12 January 2019
Google Assistant Now Lets You Check-In to Flights by Voice and More

The feature is exactly what it sounds like - a way to get Google Assistant to translate a different language, making it easier to have a conversation with someone who may otherwise be impacted by the language barrier. And as a bonus on Smart Displays like the Home Hub, the Assistant will even provide a written texts alongside verbal translation to help lessen the chance of any miscommunication.

Google's announcement coincides with the start of the CES 2019, where the Assistant and Amazon's Alexa are featured in new TVs, speakers, smart home devices, and other gadgets.

Hopper with the Google Assistant built-in will join DISH's voice control technology suite, which includes its July 2018 integration with the Google Assistant that requires users to pair Hopper with a Google Assistant device, like speakers, phones and more, to control their TV.

Google's virtual assistant will tie-up with Google Maps for better navigation. This feature will make driving safer. The assistant will also allow Android and iOS users to check their flight simply by saying: "OK Google, check-in on my flight".

This Smart Clock - unveiled at CES 2019 - comes with 4-inch touchscreen and will go on sale this Spring with a price-tag of $79 (roughly Rs. 5,500). It has made phone usage more convenient than ever before as users need not type to search on the browser; just a voice command preceded by "Hey Google" is enough to get your desired results on the screen.

Among other upgrades that were announced, Google said that its Assistant would now be able to check into flight as well as book hotels.

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But that is not the only feature Google announced at CES 2019 this week.

Just a day after announcing that Google Assistant is nearly on a billion devices, Google is launching a new toolkit for developers that will help it get Assistant on more devices. The company also noted that the existing units of both smart speakers will be getting a software update to add the Assistant support. The feature has recently been integrated at hotel concierge desks across the US.

And in one of the most anticipated and yet longest-delayed bits of Google Assistant integration, it seems Google and Sonos are finally ready to bring Assistant voice controls for the Sonos One and Sonos Beam.