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Google's Fuchsia OS will reportedly run Android apps

04 January 2019
Google's Fuchsia OS will reportedly run Android apps

Earlier, it was rumored that the Fuchsia OS will be capable of running Android applications and now we have a confirmation for the same from Google.

Apple has a monopoly on its devices which allows the company to roll out updates quickly, whereas Google has to configure its Android Pie for various devices considering there are a myriad of smartphones running on Android.

So it looks as if Fuchsia OS is being created to use a unique version of the Android Runtime (ART) so that the platform could support Android applications.

But it's unreasonable to expect all developers out there to switch to Flutter and convert their Android apps in time for Fuchsia's launch, which means Android apps should run on Fuchsia gadgets as they are right now.

Google is preparing to release the new Fuchsia system which will be a bit different from the existing Android system.

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In accordance with the web analytics gathered by MacRumors, Apple is already working on the iOS 13, the upcoming mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad devices. It may even replace Chrome OS and Android one day. Google has now confirmed via a code comment that Fuchsia OS will support Android apps, but the Android apps will run in a specially designed version of the Android Runtime.

Google developers aren't exactly subtle when it comes to their goal here, aiming to "build ART for Fuchsia".

Google's Fuchsia OS has been long rumoured and not a secret anymore.

Roughly three and a half months after its official release, iOS is installed on 78 percent of iPhones and iPads released in the last four years, according to Apple. It also seems that this ART version will be installable on any Fuchsia device with the help of a.far file (consider it Fuchsia's APK file).