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McDonald’s employee attacked over a straw

05 January 2019
McDonald’s employee attacked over a straw

So Biandudi stopped at a McDonald's in St Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday afternoon.

The man was later identified as Daniel Taylor. "And I want her a** fired right now", said the attacker. She said that she believes that the location played a role in the slow response by law enforcement.

A fight broke out NYE between a McDonald's employee and customer. He pulled her close to his face.

"I am aware this type of violence happens to women, especially black women, every day", James said in a release.

"I looked at my camera and I thought I may need to record this since there were so few people in the store".

"My mom and sis Kinie Biandudi recorded this today..." Other employees reacted slowly, but the two were eventually separated.

Some voices in the backdrop can also be heard yelling, 'Stop it!

Daniel Willis Taylor 40 was later arrested for the attack and charged with two counts of simple battery
ST. PETERSBURG POLICE DEPARTMENTDaniel Willis Taylor 40 was later arrested for the attack and charged with two counts of simple battery

Finally, another McDonald's employee asked the customer to leave the place. While she understands that people who work in food service are often subjected to rude customers, no one should be physically attacked. Soon after, the man leaned across the counter to grab the cashier until she lurched forward.

"No, you're going to jail!" the woman shouts back at him. The man then screams more profanities at her.

According to a city ordinance that took effect Tuesday, plastic straws can only be given to restaurant customers if they ask for them - employees can't hand them out with every meal or make them available at condiment stations. The man did not take "No" for an answer and got upset. It has had more than 2.5 million views on Facebook as of Wednesday evening. Taylor was later arrested by the police.

"She saw the situation escalating and got her phone out", he said. "And another employee, a bigger guy, he actually grabbed the guy and put him outside the door and locked the door".

A Florida man attacks McDonald's Employee Over Plastic Straw. Taylor escaped before police arrived, but was later apprehended.

"I was thinking that she had to do what she was doing", offered Brenda Biandudi, who shot the now-viral video.

"I was just asking you a f*cking question!" he complained. [The cashier was] a young girl. "She needs to keep her job and I seriously hope she will". Taylor is seen screaming at James, then reaches across the counter and grabs her uniform collar, pulling her over the counter. There were no weapons found on him, and there were indications that he was under the influence of alcohol, police said. He is now being held in Pinellas County Jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.