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New Windows 10 build silences Cortana, brings passwordless accounts

07 January 2019
New Windows 10 build silences Cortana, brings passwordless accounts

There are still millions of individuals as well as businesses that have yet to move on from the ten-year-old operating system, but Windows 10's rise to the top of the market share list at least suggests that the market is moving in the right direction as Microsoft winds down Windows 7 support.

However, if you're someone like an IT pro (or a friendly neighbourhood tech reviewer) who regularly has to wipe and configure a bunch of machines, Cortana's persistent blathering can drive you and everyone in your vicinity bonkers.

Windows 7, Microsoft's almost 10-year-old operating system, has been dislodged as the most popular OS. The new Windows 10 build also enhances the experience for resetting your PIN on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft will no doubt be sighing with relief the change finally happened, but there's still a long way to go before it can truly leave Windows 7 behind as a part of its history. If you think you hit this bug, you can type "winver" in the search box on your taskbar to double-check your build number. Sign up with Word and sign up with your phone number under "Sign in or Sign up for free".

A cumulative update with the fix for the reported issue could be shipped to Windows 10 October 2018 Update devices later this month.

This big story from today's build is the company is pushing to eliminate passwords during the sign-in experience all while keeping your accounts safe.

In the meantime, it will ask you not to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 update if you have one built-in account with admin privileges as it might block all the admin functions. The reason for this, presumably, is that while Home users will likely only be setting up one PC, enterprise IT professionals could very well be treated to the full Cortana choir. For now, you'll need to use the command line if you want to see them.

Moral of the story: Windows 10's setup experience is inconvenient and incomplete.

Microsoft has also added 11 additional mouse pointer sizes in the Cursor and Pointers settings menu for a total of 15. Fast Ring Insiders can now download the preview build 18309, which is quite a minor update compared to the previous flight.

The latest edition of Windows, first launched in July 2015, gained an extra 1.08 per cent of market share in December a year ago according to newest figures from NetApplications. The report adds that Windows 10 on 39.22% of all the Windows desktops in December 2018, while Windows 7 is on 36.9%.