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Sooners QB Kyler Murray asks A's for $15 million

14 January 2019
Sooners QB Kyler Murray asks A's for $15 million

The deadline for Murray to declare for the 2019 NFL Draft is Monday.

It might seem trivial - both will pay him millions! - but the Heisman Trophy victor assuredly is weighing the compensation structure of both the Major League Baseball and the NFL as he decides his future.

Last week, the Athletics were dealt a huge blow when they found out that Kyler Murray would likely forego playing baseball for them and enter his name into the NFL Draft instead.

Clearly, he wants National Football League first round money to stick with baseball. With multiple teams reportedly putting first-round grades on Murray, though, and believing they can scheme around his deficiencies in size by taking advantage of his superior athleticism, the prospect of Murray leaving baseball behind is real.

The football Giants have the No. 6 overall pick in this year's NFL draft and certainly could be hunting for a quarterback in the first round after bypassing Sam Darnold, among others, in 2018. The A's drafted Murray in the first round of the 2018 Major League Baseball draft in June.

When considering his future earning potential, that's when it gets tricky. It's a high risk game for a National Football League franchise to use an early pick on Murray and invest in him only to have him stay with the Athletics. If Murray turns into a star quarterback, or even a serviceable one, he'll be heavily compensated for the rest of his career (see: Bay Area quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr, who both signed contracts worth more than $70 million in guaranteed money, per Spotrac).

Back in December, Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley said whichever sport Murray plays was a win-win.

We should know more about Murray's final decision soon. An MLB rule prevents draftees from signing major-league deals but Murray already signed his minor-league contract in June.

More analysis to come....