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Apex Legends hits 25 million players in a week - smashing Fortnite's record

13 February 2019
Apex Legends hits 25 million players in a week - smashing Fortnite's record

In the Chinese market, for example, the American (Xbox) and Japanese (PlayStation) consoles are not widespread and to win this market share you must aim at the PC or mobile market.

Solo is perhaps one of the most requested game modes within Apex Legends, with replies from Respawn CEO Vince Zampella making it look like it is on the cards.

The launch of EA's new battle royale game Apex Legends completely shattered the expectations of what a new release can do on Twitch, with 50% more viewership than League of Legends. While Apex Legends seems to be taking names, and is a huge success for both EA, and Respawn, some might have forgotten that Titanfall 2 is a pretty badass game in itself.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends fans could face a similarly agonising wait until the title appears on the latest-generation Nintendo console, which can be played on a HD TV via the bundled dock, or on-the-go using the built-in 720p touchscreen.

Apex Legends has crossed the 25 million player threshold in just a week.

Developer Respawn has already confirmed plans to bring cross-play support between different consoles to the title - so Xbox One owners can battle it out with those playing on PC and PS4, for example.

Apex Legends continues to grow.

A special Battle Pass for Apex Legends will launch in March, which will boast a glut of new weapons, items and other rewards.

And Apex Legends appears to be growing fast. Given that EA is only "looking at" it for now, it's likely to be some time before we see the game gracing the App Store. This key feature - which we didn't know we needed, but can't live without now - allows players to focus less on overwhelming inventory management and more on jumping right into the fight.

"We're open for business on this one".

In games like Overwatch and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, players take on the role of specific characters who each have their own personalities, voices, backstories, and abilities.

Fortnite is one of the only games that now includes full cross-platform support, with Rocket League now in beta. "I mean that's the only reason I would play Apex".