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Bill Cosby's Life in Prison: 'He's Not Remorseful' | NBC10 Philadelphia

14 February 2019
Bill Cosby's Life in Prison: 'He's Not Remorseful' | NBC10 Philadelphia

Bill Cosby is having an "amazing experience" in prison, according to his spokesman Andrew Wyatt. "The truth is strong".

He said Cosby's wife, Camille, has not visited her husband at the maximum-security SCI Phoenix facility outside Philadelphia - by Cosby's choice.

Bill Cosby (C) is taken away in handcuffs after being sentenced to 3-10 years in his sexual assault retrial at the Montgomery County Courthouse on September 25, 2018 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

'Here's why I, have "no" remorse and will never have remorse.

In a statement released from behind bars, the 81-year-old compared himself to Nelson Mandela and Gandhi.

He believes he was later prosecuted by a corrupt district attorney and judge, "not for justice, but for their political aspirations", and launched a campaign to get a state judicial ethics board to investigate the judge who presided over his trials.

He was then asked: 'Did you ever give any of those young women the Quaaludes without their knowledge?'

As far as his mental and physical state, Wyatt said Cosby has lost weight while behind bars; as the wakes up early to exercise in his cell.

Much of that interview was devoted to what Wyatt and Cosby's publicist Ebonee Benson see as an unjust arrest and conviction that would have never occurred were Cosby not black. That was Cosby's idea, said Wyatt.

Wyatt told CNN last week that Cosby is living largely separated from other inmates, except that he has helpers who guide him around because of his vision problems.

"He doesn't want to have them in that environment", Wyatt told The Associated Press.

Bill Cosby's wife Camille has not yet visited him in prison, and that's just how Cosby prefers it, Wyatt said. Cosby must be in his cell and accounted for seven times a day while at the prison.

'He said they told him that if he was going to continue to fight for civil rights, something like this was bound to happen and he's been prepared for it and he knows he's in prison not for rape, but for infidelity.

Unfortunately for Cosby, he still has more legal battles to look forward to.

Wyatt said he visits Cosby every other week - and the star's attorneys visit as well.

'He follows the rules and respects the guards.