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Julian Edelman Speaks Out About PED Suspension

13 February 2019
Julian Edelman Speaks Out About PED Suspension

He fielded several questions about the season and his facial feature, including how he maintains the beard and if he is every tackled by defenders pulling on it. Edelman said he has not cut his beard this season.

DeGeneres was able to talk the Super Bowl MVP into returning to a cleanshaven look after offering to donate $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club.

Through the miracle of television, there was already a barber's chair, cape with the Patriots' logo and clippers waiting to be rolled out in front of the audience.

"I love you, beard", Edelman said. "I apologize. It'll never happen again".

At the end of the day, Edelman lost the beard for a great cause.

The three-time Super Bowl champ took some time to explain what the award meant to himself as well as his family, telling Ellen, "Just winning the game is what you want". And my mother, being the loving little lady that she is, I was never late to a practice, she was always there.

Waiting for official confirmation could take some time since the National Football League schedule isn't traditionally released until mid-April.

Edelman became to first-ever Jewish player to get the MVP.

Now, passes along word from ESPN that New England will also add Mick Lombardi, son of longtime Belichick friend and former assistant Mike Lombardi, to the coaching staff moving forward.

"Eating is a nightmare", Edelman told Ellen of his unruly beard.

Belichick, who re-names his boat after each of his Super Bowl victories, has done it again following the Patriots' win over the Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Hopefully someone touched up the shave Ellen gave him before he left the studio.